Modern cuisine
with Ukrainian heart




Modern cuisine
with Ukrainian heart
Nai is an international franchise originating from Ukraine.
The menu and concept are crafted by the renowned chef Volodymyr Yaroslavskyi and transcend borders to cater to diverse palates worldwide/and adapted to diverse guests worldwide. With a menu featuring unique dishes and contemporary presentations, coupled with keen attention to detail, and top-notch service, we ensure a positive dining experience for all.
Our franchise is designed to empower aspiring restaurateurs, even those without prior experience. While we bring the expertise, you bring the passion for food. 
This synergy comes to life through our automated IT system, adherence to clear international standards, innovative approach to franchising, and a dedicated team that handles 80% of the workload – from launch to marketing and further restaurant growth.
A warm and inviting space ideal for breakfast gatherings, dates and evenings with friends. Our restaurants are where taste, hedonism, and culture meet. Even more, some of our locations feature the Nai shop – a space with products from our partner brands.
To create havens where anyone can savour delicious cuisine anywhere in the world regardless of the weather or occasion, just like they would at home – with genuine warmth and hospitality.
People who are for one thing
The strength lies in people. In the team, partners, guests, or back office. Every contribution matters. Each individual helps shape the Nai brand.
In simplicity we trust
Strong franchises are born from simple ideas. Basic elements come together to create a unique interior. Simple flavours result in life's best dishes. And a simple word from a waiter translates into the support a guest needs.
Service is above all else
We prioritise service above all else and aim to elevate the standard of Ukrainian hospitality worldwide. Because service is one of the primary factors that contribute to a positive customer experience.
We have the courage to challenge the norms of the international gastronomy and franchise market, and to develop a Ukrainian project with grand ambitions on the global stage.
One Step to Your Own Restaurant
and Entrepreneurs
You will realise your own ambitions in another successful business venture, diversify risks, scale your operations, open your own restaurant under a strong brand, and gain an additional source of income.
Novices without Experience
Step-by-step, you'll navigate through the entire project implementation process alongside a team that takes on 80% of the workload. You’ll launch your own business without mistakes and reduce the investment amount by at least 20% compared to an independent opening.
Local Residents and Ukrainians Abroad Starting Anew
Within 5-6 months, you'll build a business from scratch with the support of our team and help promote a Ukrainian project on the global stage.
We make the process of opening a restaurant easy, comfortable, and seamless. We assist franchisees in navigating this journey with 24/7 support. Say goodbye to chaos and uncertainty, while saving at least 20% on your initial investment in your culinary venture.
A franchise for beginners
and innovators
A franchise for experienced restaurateurs and businessmen
A franchise with a strong personal brand of co-founder and brand chef Volodymyr Yaroslavskyi
A franchise with real,
honest figures
A franchise with an IT system and marketing department
A franchise with cost optimization and a profitable model
A franchise that supports partners not only during the opening but also afterward
A franchise with unique training programs for franchisees and their teams
A franchise for beginners
and innovators
A franchise for experienced restaurateurs and businessmen
A franchise with a strong personal brand of co-founder and brand chef Volodymyr Yaroslavskyi
A franchise with real, honest figures
A franchise with an IT system and marketing department
A franchise with cost optimization and a profitable model
A franchise that supports partners not only during the opening but also afterward
A franchise with unique training programs for franchisees and their teams
Comprehensive Support
Before and after restaurant opening
Full support leading up
to restaurant opening
Your Restaurant Launch Plan
Assistance in choosing a location and negotiating favourable lease terms
Tailored financial model
Unique project design (not tailored to a specific location; fees for design adaptation are separate)
Technical project, layout plan for kitchen equipment with specifications, zoning of premises, kitchen, bar, and dining area technology
Specifications for furniture, decor, inventory, uniforms, tableware, consumables, and everything necessary for restaurant launch
Guidance on renovation works
Assistance in furniture, decor, and interior items delivery from Ukraine to any country
Operational standards for every approach
Selection, training, and certification of staff
Adapted menu by Volodymyr Yaroslavsky and technological cards
IT system with automation program, warehouse and financial accounting, application, and personal cabinet for each employee
Consultations on all business aspects
Financial support/PR/Marketing/IT support
Comprehensive support
after restaurant opening
Seasonal and trend updates to the menu
Quarterly online meetings between chefs and brand chef Vova Yaroslavskyi for menu development
PR/Marketing/IT/HR/Operational support
Engagement with media, bloggers, and thought leaders, PR and event organisation. Development of promotions, giveaways, workshops, and events
Annual comprehensive marketing strategy
Ensuring compliance with all Nai network standards
Ensuring adherence to corporate culture and Nai values
Analysis of financial and operational performance indicators, monitoring of financial targets achievement
Consultations on all business aspects
Training and professional development of staff
Software updates
Regular monitoring of changes in international standards and implementation of updates in your restaurant
Support for your restaurant's website with an integrated table booking system, where customers can view the menu and make online orders.
Initial fee depending on the support package
Investment budget per 1 m² (from €280 thousand total)
Projected average profit
Projected payback period
24-36 MONTHS
Project profitability
UP TO 20%
Area required for opening the establishment
140-250 М²
Volodymyr Yaroslavskyi
Co-owner and Brand Chef
Manages and co-owns "Lucky" and "Chef’s Table" restaurants, the first in Ukraine to be listed in the "50 best discovery" ranking
Ranked among the top 25 best chefs in Ukraine
Judge on the culinary show "MasterChef"
Brand Chef at the "GoodWine" store
Dmytro Tovstoliak
Over 12 years in media production and 10+ years in gastronomy
Projects include MasterChef, Eurovision Ukraine, Ukraine’s Got Talent
Olena Tovstoliak
Co-owner and CEO
With 17 years of experience in creating and developing business projects
Co-founder of the "First Ukrainian Culinary Academy"
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Oleksandr Yakubenko
15+ років керує ресторанами, серед яких  «Lucky» та «Chef’s Table»
Anna Petrulia
Head of marketing
Over 7 years of experience in marketing and creative industries
Worked on the development of the "First Ukrainian Culinary Academy" and projects related to the "MasterChef" judges
Daryna Topalova
Дизайнерка інтер’єрів та PM
Over 5 years of experience in project management and design in the HoReCa sector
Portfolio includes over 20 hotel and restaurant projects in Ukraine and Europe totaling 45,000 m²
Anna Matviets
Over 15 years of experience in HR
Developed and implemented an international Talent Acquisition system in a corporation with 2700+ employees
Experienced in implementing HR projects: Performance management, OKR, Learning & development, compensation & benefits, Recruitment, Onboarding
Everything that feels NAI has your DNA.
Everything that feels NAI has your DNA.
Шеф-кухар Ярославський запускає мережу ресторанів української кухні «Най» у 30 містах світу
«Відкриваємо ресторани в різних містах світу, щоб НАЙочікуванішу перемогу можна було відсвяткувати будь-де», – кажуть у команді закладів.
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Володимир Ярославський запускає мережу ресторанів української кухні «Най»
У компанії розповідають, що ресторан «Най» — це затишний невеликий casual-ресторан української кухні. Улюблений заклад для сніданків, побачень та вечірок. Знайомства з українською культурою та цікавими людьми.
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Франшизу ресторанів «Най» запускають в Україні – що потрібно знати
Як нам розповіли, концепція ресторанів «Най» з самого початку розроблялася для іноземних ринків. Команда дуже довго вивчала ринки інших країн, щоб її створити.
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The payback period ranges from 24 to 36 months. It depends on the region, macro- and microeconomic market index.


From €2,000 per 1 m². Investments depend on the country, city, and condition of the leased premises. We help choose premises that do not require significant investments. Opening a restaurant with the Nai franchise is twice as fast and 20% more financially advantageous than doing it independently.

1. Filling out the application form on the website, after which you will receive a message from our manager.
2. Meeting-interview with the CEO and receipt of the full financial project model.
3. Payment of the initial fee and signing of the contract.
4. Agreement on the location and start of work on launching your establishment.

From the first month of operation – 5% of turnover.

On average, it takes 5-6 months from signing the lease agreement to opening the restaurant. The main factor affecting the overall term is the search for premises for the restaurant, its condition, and renovation work.

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