To be considered as a potential franchisee of the Nai network, please fill out this Questionnaire and provide detailed answers to all questions. This will help us get to know you remotely and select the necessary format for our future partnership.
If you would like to ask specific clarifying questions to the manager beforehand
Full Name:
Link to Instagram or Facebook page:
City of residence:
In which city do you plan to open Nai?
Why do you choose the franchise format?
What types of businesses have you managed or owned? What is your experience?
Do you plan to open a restaurant with your own funds or with the involvement of an investor/loan?
Are you willing to invest in your own business from €2000 per 1 sq.m (own/investment funds)?
Are you interested in purchasing 1 franchise or exclusive rights to Nai in the city/region/country?
Tell us about yourself. Who are you and why do you want to open a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine with a ready-made concept? Provide any information you think is necessary for us to know to make a decision about a meeting.
Thank you! We will get back to you shortly.
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